Steps to Fix Windows 8.1 Upgrade Problems and Installation Failure


Windows 8.1 was released to the public last week. I just waited for a week to upgrade to Windows 8.1 to avoid all issues that would happen because we might face more installation issues while upgrading than doing a fresh windows 8.1  installation.

After 3rd try, I have managed to upgrade to Windows 8.1 successfully. Here are a few fixes to have error-free Windows 8.1 Upgradation.

Common Windows 8.1 Upgrade Problems and “Installation Failed” Errors

  1. Windows 8.1 Update Stuck on Applying Changes –  Upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 fails/hangs at 63%.
  2. Windows 8.1  installation failed with Error Code  ” 0x80246007″ or “0x8007000E – 0x20006”
  3. The computer will restart and configure to about 50% and then starts up again and again

 Fix 1: Windows 8 should have all latest updates before installing Windows 8.1

There are many important updates you will need before you are able to install Glass windows 8. 1. In many instances, the most current updates will likely be installed routinely using “Windows Automatic Updates”. But you should check for updates manually to confirm whether your PC has all latest updates and patches installed.

Windows 8.1 Upgrade

You also have to check whether all your metro apps installed with latest. You can simply check it by visiting the “Windows Store” from Metro interface.

Fix 2: Turn off or Uninstall AntiVirus

If you have an antivirus program / firewall, they can interfere with the installation. It’s recommended to uninstall or turn off protection.

Fix 3:  Clean Booting Windows 8

If the issue still persists, I would suggest you to boot the computer in a clean boot state and then try to upgrade to Windows 8.1. A clean boot helps to eliminate software conflicts and to determine what is causing the problem.

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