Recover/Retrieve Old Deleted Mails from Hotmail Account


MSN Hotmail – one of the best Web Mail Service added one important feature to retrieve or recover old deleted mails and accidentally deleted mails in your Hotmail account. The deleted mails may contain one of your important mail which was completely deleted from your Hotmail account. Gmail and Yahoo this feature is not available.

How to Retrieve Old Deleted Mails from Hotmail Account

click the “Deleted” folder link in your Hotmail/ Live Mail account. In that page, you will see the following link: “Recover deleted messages“.

Retrieve Old Deleted Mails from Hotmail AccountClick the “Recover deleted messages” link, This Mail recovery process will take some time to retrieve your deleted mails. After this process, we can see the recovered mails in the ” Deleted folder”. So that we can easily move the mails to our inbox.

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