How to Quit / Exit Burnout Paradise PC Game ?


Here is the Steps to exit,save Burnout Paradise PC Game.The Game is very good in both Control and Style.But so many people including me don’t know how to quit it. Well its little bit hidden in the menu.

How do I change the default controls ?
How to Configure Audio and Video options ?
How can I go to main menu, select or Quit the game?

Now your gettting answers for all these questions

Before that I would like to tell u soem thing, The Menu in BOP is in Flip manner, To flip in to the menu press F1 and to Flip out press F2. Lets start doing it

Step1:>> press ESC while playing the game, The following windows in turnup where it will shows your details

Quit  Exit Burnout Paradise PC Game

Step 2:In this menu Press F1 agian to Flip into the next menu page.

Quit  Exit Burnout Paradise PC Game

Step 3:Again in this menu also press F1 to Change the Menu Page

Step 4:Finally we are here to Enjoy our Options, Here we can Configure Audio, Video, Keyboard Controls. And also we can goback to main menu to select a game or Exit the game


  1. thanxxx…………..

  2. its awesome ….. ur right ….. press f1 f1 again till quit menu comes up ……. great


  4. THX BRO


  5. thanks for this, EA is really up there when it comes to annoying me with online stuff and now this… I registered for BC2 and forget my login, I have other stuff to play on Steam so I won’t even bother looking up this kind of stuff now… EA tires me

  6. I got my computer manufacturer’s name on my license ! how do i change it? please help…
    My windows account is on my name “shumayal” even the name of the computer is on my name.. but it shows “touchmate” in the license.. pls help

  7. Great post mate!
    I was looking for this options and now well done!
    Thanks ^^

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