How to Print Files to PDF in Windows 10


Microsoft brings native print to PDF option in Windows 10 using Microsoft Print to PDF feature. Users don’t have to use any third-party app to print documents and files to PDF.

Just right click on a file which you want to print and click “print” option. On printer selection, you will see “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the drop-down. This way you can print any document file to PDF.

How to enable “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature in Windows 10

If “Microsoft Print to PDF” is not available for selection, On Settings page, click on Devices – the navigation path is Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners. Refer to the below screenshots to navigate to printers and scanners page

Windows 10 Start Menu Settings

Print Files to PDF - Windows 10 Settings Page

This window will show the list of printers and scanners available in the PC. Here under printers check whether “Microsoft Print to PDF” is available.

Print to PDF - Windows 10 Printers Scanners

If “Microsoft Print to PDF” is not available under printers, we need to enable it on Windows features. To do that open Control Panel > Programs & Features and click on Turn Windows features on or off.

Now make sure “Microsoft Print to PDF” is checked. If not check the box and apply OK and restart your PC.

If this step also didn’t enable the “Microsoft Print to PDF”, manually add it from advanced printer setup You can also print the document by navigating to “Print” option from the currently opened document.

Add Print to PDF in Windows 10 Manually

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