How to Block all Ads in Google Chrome and Firefox 4


Using Add-ons we can easily block all Advertisements,Pop-up Ads,anf Flash Banner ads while browsing on Google Chrome and Firefox 4. So that lets see how to Block unwanted Ads from Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to Block all Ads in Google Chrome

AdBlock is a most popular Chrome Extension with over 2 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.AdBlock for Chrome! Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook and Youtube.Installation is very easy.Adblock automatically updates the filter so that no need update the filter manually. Just intall it enjoy adfree Browsing on Google Chrome

install Adblock in Google Chrome
Install Adblock bu visiting this url,After installation Adblock button will show up right side to the address bar.We can enable and disable Adblock by right clicking the Adblock Button.

How to Block all Ads in Firefox 4?

Adblock Plus is a similar add-on like adblock, available to block all unwanted ads and flash banners from your Firefox 4 Browser.

Download and install it now


  1. I don’t understand why I even need a pop-up blocker for Google Chrome in the first place. I never got any pop-ups when I was using Mosilla Firefox and between Google Chromes constant compatibility issues with facebook and the pop-up ads, I am on the verge of saying screw it and go back to Firefox. I like Chrome, but they need to get ALL of the bugs worked out of it before releasing it. Releasing a browser that is full of problems is like selling a car with only 3 wheels and no transmission. Want a better car? Well then you need to download the upgrade to car 2.0, which adds a wheel but doesn’t fix the problem with the transmission. To fix that you need to upgrade to car 3.0. But by the time you upgrade to car 3.0, your car is out of date and you need to start over again.

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