How to Fix Files on External/Flash Drive Folders Changed to Shortcuts Virus


Shortcuts Virus changes our files on our USB Flash Drive, Memory Cards, External Hard Drive files into Shortcuts. So users couldn’t open the files from their Flash Pen Drives. Many people are getting this Virus from their Work Place, Public browsing centers and Losing their Data. The USB Shortcut Virus deletes the “Folder options” menu and “Task Manager” as well.

Shortcut Virus in the Flash drive alters the names of the files to shortcuts and makes the flash drive or hard drive files as hidden data. We can easily remove the shortcut virus If the flash drive is not formatted.

Solution to Fix Files on External/Flash Drive Files Changed into Shortcuts :

The good side of these viruses is that they don’t delete the actual content. It was just hide in our Flash Drive. We can easily recover all the files.

Step 1: If you are affected by Shorcut Viruses,Do not format your Flash or External Drive. If you format you can’t Recover it.

Step 2: Check your Flash Drive’s Drive Letter ( Example : I: or K:)

Pen Drive Shorcut Virus

Step 3: Click on “Start” –>Run–>type “cmd” and click on OK

Step 4: If your Flash Drive Letter is K: then Type the below command in your “cmd” and Press “Enter

attrib -h -r -s /s /d k: *.* (Check the screenshot ) Note : Replace the letter k: with your flash drive letter

Remove Pen Drive Shorcut Virus

Step 5 : Now your files will be visible.Make sure to keep the antivirus up-to-date to prevent viruses. These are the steps to Recover Data from Virus Infected USB/Flash/Pen Drive.


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