Create your Free Ymail Email account from Yahoo !


Did you miss a chance to get your name in your Yahoo! email account, then hurry as all are grabbing their names at the new extension which allowed users to finally use their favorite usernames.

Create Ymail Email Account

Steps to Create Free Ymail Account from Yahoo

  1. Goto Yahoo mail Sign Up page
  2. Enter your choice of Email id and choose “@ymail” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter all your personal details like First name, gender, date of birth and country in the appropriate fields.
  4. Set your Security Questions and Verified Mobile Number to have a secure Yahoo Ymail service.
  5. Click the “Create My Account” button to complete the process of creating your new Ymail account.

Besides, they are also opening registrations to RocketMail, one of the very first free Web mail services that Yahoo! acquired in 1997. These domains have the same Yahoo! Mail experience like unlimited storage, integrated instant messaging and localized versions around the world, with easy access to Messenger, Flickr, Groups etc.

Hurry and you have the chance to grab your perfect email address to help reflect who you are. This short and sweet will surely appeal to a wide range of email users. Which means now Yahoo! email comes in 3 styles –, or Start now and get that email address you always wanted.

Create Ymail Email Account !


  1. its really tooo faaaaaaast

  2. Yahoo iz only 2 share my personal feelings.
    I luv ymail

  3. yahoo is a best (i like it)

  4. i love ymail

  5. my name is waseem i create an e

  6. Chintaman Verenkar

    Can you please clarify the difference between mail option from anards,
    I could not find any website for ymail. Hence, this request.
    Thanks and regards,

  7. thanks

  8. i created it…i think i was the one who saw it very late…..

  9. it’s awesome

  10. yaaahoo hooo..

  11. vasil syed abdul ghani

    Created email

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